venice beach 2-21.jpg

The People L.A.

The boy on the right was photographed on Venice Beach, L.A. I asked him to look like a star.

This third installment of The People was shot in April 2019 on Los Angeles’ Venice Beach and Melrose Avenue.

I shot 70 portraits over two weekends. This micro series has ex-hippies to skateboarders to bodybuilders to couples to just plain folks and a sad clown. All people, as is now the case wherever i shoot with my conspicuous white background, were friendly, responsive and dug the mission.

The mission? More portraits of more people on more continents. This global series is all about humanity.

Guess what. We are all the same.

I hope you will give these beautiful people a look.

L.A. brings the number of ‘white sheet’ portraits to 415. With Minneapolis’s Somali community, Cuba, Argentina and India on the 2019 agenda, I’m getting there.