The Deal

I travel around the world to shoot The People, my long-term global portrait series. My ultimate goal is to amass well over one thousand simple portraits that foster empathy and a better understanding of the world and its people.

Think visual anthropology.

I’ve now made over 380 white background portraits shot in China, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Selma, Alabama and L.a.. Next stops are Minnesota’s Somali immigrants, rural Cuba and India.

My Chapters:

I grew up in New York City; moved to San Francisco to go to art college and then owned a professional photography studio; back to NYC and London to work internationally at the world's largest ad agency; CEO'd two internet companies during the dot com boom and moved west again to build an ad agency in Portland. I now consultant with marketing agencies around the world.

But, most importantly, I get to live in Mexico’s most beautiful town… San Miguel de Allende. Come visit.

Marijuana Books:

By the way, here are two books I did on Portland’s 2015 marijuana industry. These freeze the industry’s look at its conception. Before big business has taken over. Check out…. Jointlandia and Potlandia.